County Anvil is one of the eight counties of Cyrodiil. It is the most western of the counties and it encompasses the Gold Coast, it is bordered by County Kvatch to the east. During late Third Era, the county was ruled by Millona Umbranox.

History[edit | edit source]

Anvil has existed since at least 1E 2200, when King Bendu Olo led the All Flags Navy against the Sload of Thras during the threat of the Thrassian Plague.[1]

Originally, Anvil was a small collection of rundown huts infamous for being a violent haven for pirates, refugees, thugs and thieves.[2] During the time of Haymon Camoran Battle for the throne, it was controlled by the Red Sabre pirates, but it was taken over and used as a base of operations by Commodore Fasil Umbranox while he attempted to destroy the Red Sabre Pirates and for his hunt for the Black Flag and its captain Torradan ap Dugal.

During the battle in Anvil Bay between Umbranox and Torradan ap Dugal, the whole town was set on fire and destroyed.[3] Dugal tried to flee, but Umbranox's battlemages caused a rocky outcropping to collapse over his ship so that it was destroyed. As a reward for destroying the pirates, Umbranox was given the title of Count of Anvil, as well as the funds to build a city over the ashes of Old Anvil. He built Castle Anvil on the same island the Black Flag was buried under.[2] Umbranox's descendants would rule for centuries afterwards.

During the Great War, the city was put under siege by the armies of the Aldmeri Dominion, which ended with a Dominion victory in 4E 172.[4]

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