The Coup at Skingrad was an event that happened shortly after the death of King Mhorus of Skingrad. In 1E 478 King Mhorus died and was succeeded by his son Dorald Larich. Dorald was at the time a priest of Marukh in the Imperial City, do to the Marukh teachings that religious and political matters have little difference Dorald ceded the Kingdom of Skingrad to the Alessian Empire almost immediately after becoming the King.[1]

Dorald's actions earned him a very bad reputation amongst all of the Colovian Estates. Rislav Larich, Dorald's younger brother, was enraged by Dorald's cession of Skingrad and raised a small force to usurp Dorald's throne. When Rislav reached Skingrad he met no opposition by the guardsmen as they resented Dorald for his relinquishment of Skingrad's autonomy. When Rislav reached Dorald he told him "Thou art no brother of mine," just before decapitating him and taking his title as King of Skingrad.


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