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"You there! Wait for a moment, if you would!"

The Courier is a generic messenger met at the Anvil Docks sent by Speaker Terenus during Voices in the Dark.


Voices in the DarkEdit

When looking for Amelie Crowe at the Anvil docks, the Courier will appear instead and give you the Mysterious Letter, along with the message of going to the Anvil Lighthouse.


Show: Voices in the Dark

"Pardon the interruption. I've been looking for you."

Can I help you with something? "Not me, but I have something for you. A letter. Confidential. Private. I have it here somewhere. Yes, here it is! Interesting. I'm also supposed to extend a verbal invitation to visit the lighthouse. Odd that they didn't just put that in the letter."
The lighthouse? "Yes, the Anvil Lighthouse. Just up the way. The sender ordered me to direct you there after I handed over the letter. I'm glad I found you. After looking for the woman with the eye-patch all day, I figured I was in for a late night."
The woman with the eye-patch? "Amelie Crowe? Do you know her? I gave her a letter, right here on the Anvil docks. I have no idea where she went in such a hurry, but she seemed excited to receive it. Anyway, I have more deliveries to make before I can rest for the day. Farewell!"


  • "The gods keep you." – After delivering the letter
  • "Pardon the interruption. I've been looking for you." – When met in the stables


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