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Couriers deliver Black Horse Courier pamphlets throughout Cyrodiil.


In Cyrodiil, there are four female Breton Couriers, though a specific name is not given. She rides a Black Horse around Cyrodiil, delivering the copies of the Black Horse Courier. She hands out a random copy from the Black Horse Courier every time she is spoken to. She is usually found riding on the roads of Cyrodiil, but sometimes in the woods or somewhere further running away from an enemy.


Each Courier will follow a set route between the following locations:


  • If a Courier's horse is killed, the Courier will continue the route on foot.
  • If a Courier is killed, they will respawn after a few days.
  • If spoken to, they will say they are too busy to speak and give a random edition of the Black Horse Courier.
  • The first Courier is the only one with a weapon.
  • Couriers will flee from enemies; while fleeing they will not hand out the Black Horse Courier.


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