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Courtesy is an Imperial Legion quest and can be obtained from Frald the White in Ebonheart inside Hawkmoth Legion Garrison.


Salyn Sarethi, a member of the Buoyant Armigers in Ghostgate, claims that the Imperial Legion has no courtesy. Frald the White is unwilling to accept this defamation and sends the Nerevarine to prove otherwise by challenging Salyn to a "contest of wit, poetry and honor."


  • Talk to Frald the White about "orders."
  • Travel to the Ghostgate
  • Solve Salyn's riddles.
  • Return to Frald the White.



After receiving orders from Frald the White, the Nerevarine must travel to the Ghostgate.

The GhostgateEdit

Salyn Sarethi is in the Tower of Dusk's lower level in the Ghostgate. The Nerevarine is to talk to him about "courtesy" and accept his riddle challenge. There are three riddles which the Nerevarine must finish in rhyme.

The riddle contestEdit

Note: It is possible to lose the contest, and still complete the quest.

The three riddles are as follows:

"It has a tail, a side, and a head
I call i what I call a snake
It has no body and it is dead..."

Answer: "...It must be a drake."

"Poets know the hearts of Men and Mer
But beasts can't know my heart, you see
This book was written by a bear..."

Answer: "...Then it's not a book of poetry."

"I gave you a box, not unlike a sock
With hammers and nails all around it
Two lid open when it knocks..."

Answer: "...It must have been a great hit."

Return to EbonheartEdit

Once the Nerevarine has won the duel, they will return to Frald the White.



Courtesy – IL_Courtesy
IDJournal Entry
10The Buoyant Armiger Salyn Sarethi in Ghostgate claims that we have no courtesy. Frald the White asked me to challenge Salyn Sarethi to a contest of wit, poetry, and honor.
  • Quest accepted
50I won the duel of wit and poetry against Salyn Sarethi.
70I lost the duel of wit and poetry against Salyn Sarethi.
100Frald the White was pleased to hear that I won the duel of wit and poetry.
  • Quest completed
110Frald the White was disappointed to hear that I lost the challenge against Salyn Sarethi, but he thanked me for having the courage to meet the challenge.
  • Quest completed

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