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"The mudcrab native to Vvardenfell is prized for its sweet crab meat. The flesh of the mudcrab is both tasty and possessed of modest magical properties."
―Tendris Vedran[src]

Crab Meat is a common food and alchemy ingredient that can be acquired throughout Vvardenfell.


Crab Meat can be found by slaying Mudcrabs. Up to two portions of meat can be obtained from a typical Mudcrab, although an extremely rare variant of the creature found exclusively in the Bitter Coast region (cell -8,4) can provide up to three potions.


The following merchants sell Crab Meat:


Alchemical effectsEdit

When consumed it restores one's Fatigue. If used for its alchemical properties, Crab Meat can increase resistance and shield people against Shock Damage, as well as restore one's Luck.

Restore Fatigue Resist Shock Lightning Shield Restore Luck

*Multiple effects in common.


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