For the location in Skyrim, see Cradlecrush Rock.
"Something strange is going on over at Cradlecrush, but it doesn't appear that they're about to launch an attack or anything."
Lieutenant Koruni[src]

Cradlecrush is a location found in Eastmarch in the province Skyrim. It is an Orc stronghold located in western Eastmarch. The Eastmarch Orcs have allied themselves with Fildgor Orcthane and his Stormfist Brigade in their bid to usurp the throne from High King Jorunn.

The Vestige arrives at Cradlecrush with the place surrounded by disgruntled giants. The Vestige helps the giants reclaim their stolen mammoths (which the Orcs planned to use against Fort Amol) and crush the Orcish presence in the area.

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