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For the location in Online, see Cradlecrush.

Cradlecrush Rock is a giant's encampment found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


The camp is located near the banks on the White River, southwest of Gallows Rock and northeast of the Throat of the World. A road and the river south of the camp will likely be the most common avenue of approach. A short, steep path winds up from the river and, rather abruptly, opens into the camp.

A single giant lives here high up in the pine forests and has no mammoths to tend to. A few mammoth cheese pouches can be found, as well as cow cooking over the bonfire. Some food items can be found near the base of the bonfire. There is an Eidar Cheese Wheel that is bigger than a normal sized one.

He appears to be more aggressive than usual as the bodies of animals or necromancers/alchemists can usually be found near the camp. There is a massive boulder on the west side of the camp with several skeletons pinned underneath it, suggesting the giant may have used it to crush trespassers.

Notable items[]

  • A skeleton with a leveled enchanted helm can be found at the base of a boulder wedged between two broken trees. In addition, a knapsack can be found nearby under the boulder. A skeleton arm and leg are protruding from the same boulder. The arm has a lootable ring on its finger.
  • A chest is also located near a different rock in the camp.
  • An iron ore vein is located near the river to the west of the camp.


  • Annekke Crag-Jumper will mention how to get there and say "you can get a look at the Cradlecrush giants" (plural) despite there only being one.
  • This location also appears in The Elder Scrolls Online. In the Second Era, it is known as Cradlecrush, and is occupied by tribal Orcs. The Vestige helps the nearby giants kill the Orcs, which presumably caused the modern-day giant occupation of Cradlecrush Rock.
  • There is a small shrine of Talos along the bank of the river near Cradlecrush Rock.