The Craft Bag is a special part of the player's inventory, available as part of an ESO Plus subscription. It does not take up any space and can store an unlimited amount of all crafting and style materials.

How to obtainEdit

Obtaining the Craft Bag is done by subscribing to ESO Plus. If the game is already running, it must be restarted after purchase. The Craft Bag can then be accessed by opening a character's inventory and switching to the bag.

  • On PS4, this is done by pressing R1 while viewing inventory. Press L1 to return to inventory.


As each character is logged into for the first time after obtaining the Craft Bag, all materials will be automatically moved from the character's inventory into the bag. Materials in the bank will not be moved until the bank is accessed for the first time. Afterwards, all materials collected will automatically go into the bag. There is no limit to how much can be stored; materials will stack to 1,000 before starting a new stack.

Should the ESO Plus subscription run out, the Craft Bag will remain accessible for the purpose of using the materials, but no new materials will be placed into the bag, even if there is some of that material already in it. In order to continue placing materials into the bag, the ESO Plus subscription must be renewed.


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