Crafting Writs Notice Board

A notice board for crafting writs.

Crafting Writs are repeatable daily quests that require the Vestige to craft certain items.


There are six types of Crafting Writs divided in two categories.

Consumables Crafting WritsEdit

Equipment Crafting WritsEdit



Crafting Writs are given by notice boards located in the main cities for each of the five regions in any of the three alliances.

These boards are usually close to the area where the crafting stations are located in that city and there is a different board for each of the two different types of Crafting Writs. For example, the board for the Equipment Crafting Writs in Glenumbra should be located somewhere around the Blacksmith, Clothier and Woodworker Stations in that city, while the Consumables Crafting Writ should be close to the Enchanting and Alchemy Stations.

Despite their level, Crafting Writs can be picked at the boards of any main city in the five main regions and in the Hollow City. However, Crafting Writs cannot be obtained from the boards of other alliances or more than once a day.


The boards will give the Vestige a list of items that have to be crafted or acquired.

The items required will be leveled to the maximum crafting capacity of the Vestige. This is the highest level of items they can craft, rather than the highest level of items they can use. This is equal to number of skill points spent in Solvent Proficiency (Alchemy), Metalworking (Blacksmithing), Tailoring (Clothing), Potency Improvement (Enchanting), Recipe Improvement (Provisioning) and Woodworking (Woodworking).


Mournhold Crafting Writ Delivery Location

A delivery location for crafting writs.

Once all the items requested are in the player's inventory (items stored in the bank are not considered), they have to be delivered at a certain location. This will always be in the main city that matches with the level of the Crafting Writ and the items requested. To finish the quest successfully, the Vestige must deposit the items in the corresponding container and accept the reward.

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