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The Craftsmen's Hall is a location found in The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal.


It is located in Godsreach in the city of Mournhold, Morrowind. It is a two level large house, and there is a forbidden area behind a locked door. The smith Bols Indalen works here.


Secret OfficeEdit

A trapdoor behind a locked door leads to the Secret Office. Bols Indalen has a key to the door, but claims he has never used the trapdoor. The Secret Office serves as production place for the controversial leaflets The Common Tongue. Four male Dunmers can be encountered here.


Muckraking JournalistEdit

The Nerevarine must investigate the authorship of the leaflet The Common Tongue, which openly denounces King Helseth.

The Champion of ClutterEdit

Detritus Caria, a noble and ardent collector of Morrowind's clutter, asks fot the Nerevarine's help in completing his collection.

The Smith's ApprenticeEdit

Ilnori Faustus, Bols Indalen apprentice as a smith walks out on his boss and Bols needs a new apprentice to fill his place. He asks the Nerevarine to find them someone willing to take on the position.

The ThiefEdit

Elbert Nermarc has information about the mental state of Golena Sadri.




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