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"What brings you to this trashpit?"
―Crafty Lerisa[src]

Crafty Lerisa is a Breton pirate and captain of the Maiden, who is stranded on the island of Stros M'Kai. She is found alongside her pet monkey, Howler.

Lerisa is one of three characters that Captain Kaleen requests to help her on a heist she has planned. She will help if the Vestige helps her crew mates.

She can later be found on Kaleen's ship in Wayrest Docks along with part of her crew. If the Vestige interacts with her, they will know what she has been up to since leaving Betnikh and Stros M'Kai.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Daggerfall Covenant Quests[edit | edit source]

Like Moths to a Candle[edit | edit source]

Lerisa can be found only from being contacted by a passerby while on the way to Saintsport where her ship is docked, or by talking to Kaleen about who else to recruit. The informant will then explain that Lerisa's pet monkey should be located so that eventually the pirate can be found.

Furthermore, it appears that Lerisa's crew has been held captive by Captain Helane whom leads the Sea Drakes and Lerisa refuses to leave until her crew has been rescued. The crew can be rescued by obtaining a Sea Drake Disguise and by using stealth.

Once Lerisa's crew has been rescued, she will want to take vengeance on Captain Helane by disguising herself and poisoning Helane. Despite not necessarily agreeing with Kaleen's political values, Lerisa joins her crew in an attempt of inheriting some income to fund a new vessel.

Carzog's Demise[edit | edit source]

The investigations of the Bloodthorn Cult's activities have convinced Chief Tazgol that they threaten the Orcs on Betnikh. Lambur is leading the way to Carzog's Demise ruin to investigate them.

On to Glenumbra[edit | edit source]

After the actions made in the previous quest, Chief Tazgol has been convinced to join the Daggerfall Covenant. He ordered Captain Kaleen to sail to Daggerfall where the crew went their separate ways, most either continuing on sailing with Kaleen while the others ended up with Captain Marck's crew.

Children of Yokuda[edit | edit source]

The Vestige gets a surprise meeting with Lerisa posing as an informant named Sigil outside Shornhelm, in Rivenspire. Captain Kaleen was supposed to meet with her as the King of Sentinel sent Kaleen to track down a rogue spy named Naruk and the nationalist cell called the Children of Yokuda. Lerisa helps you track down Kaleen underneath the city and foil Naruk's plot.

Gold Coast Quests[edit | edit source]

Pious Intervention[edit | edit source]

Lerisa eventually found her way to Kvatch where her sister Josseline has joined the Society of the Dragon. The Vestige has to make her leave the Society and reconcile the two.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Lerisa is a pirate captain and a master of disguises. Though quite the scoundrel, she does however hold her crew in high regard and does not leave them behind during the time they were all captured in Stros M'kai.

Although she supports Captain Kaleen and her desire to keep the dangerous artifact at Betnikh to be used by the Daggerfall Covenant, Lerisa is still an independent swashbuckler who doesn't want to serve the crown. Once in Daggerfall, she tells the Vestige about her desire to reform her old crew and become her own captain once again. She finally does so after the Dominion's attack on Daggerfall, becoming an independent smuggler and informant later on in Shornhelm saving up for another ship.

Jakarn, despite his womanizing ways became infatuated with her as mentioned by Lerisa during her time in Shornhelm. She does not reciprocate the feeling.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Show: Pious Intervention

"Isn't that funny. I was just thinking about you! What brings you to this pious city? No, wait, don't answer that. I don't think I want to know. On the other hand, if you're interested in a little mischief, I could really use your help."

What do you have in mind? "Oh, just discrediting Grand Chanter Surus and his Society of the Dragon. They claim to be a religious order, but they're nothing more than a cult that loves Akatosh a bit too much. And anyone who questions their faith tends to disappear."
Why do you care about a cult? "I didn't until my sister Josseline joined them. She has no idea what Surus does to people. Take these notes and preach the word of Boethiah around town. After the Grand Chanter arrests you for heresy, my sister will see how he treats you and leave."
If you think that will help, I'll go spread a litte heresy around town. "Just like old times! After this, first drink's on me! Now go and spread Boethiah's word to the cult's initiates. Once they detain you, we'll show my sister exactly how Surus treats those who disagree with him. Just don't disappear along the way."
How will me getting detained convince your sister to leave the society of the Dragon? "Grand Chanter Surus isn't your typical priest. He enjoys filling impressionable heads with religious nonsense, and he has a violent streak as long as Varen's Wall. Rumor say that if he can't fill your head, he'll remove it - literally."
Do you have a plan for how I escape after getting detained? "A plan? Yes, I have a plan. But let's not spoil the surprise. Just be ready for my signal and follow my lead. Now get out there and spread some heresy. I can't wait to see how the society initiates squirm."
How did your sister come to join an Akatosh cult? "Who knows why a young woman in the prime of her life would throw away everything to take up with a bunch of religious fanatics? I suppose it had something to do with that job that went sideways when I had to kill Josseline's best friend …."
You killed your sister's best friend? "I'm afraid I had no choice. A rival of mine hired him to kill us when we attended a meeting. I learned his true intentions too late to decline the invitation. I never let my enemies make the first move. So I ended him before he could end us."
So she left you and joined the cult? "Josseline was mad at me, mad at him, mad at life in general. She decided that piracy wasn't for her. She wanted to serve a higher purpose. Unfortunately, this particular higher purpose is worse than piracy. It hides its killing behind religion."
Tell me more about Grand Chanter Surus and the Society of the Dragon. "Grand Chanter Surus is a high-ranking priest in the Cathedral, second only to Primate Artorius himself. He started the society for religious types who aren't ready to join the priesthood. They claim to be devoted to Akatosh and his teachings."
And this is a bad thing? "Only if you believe Akatosh requires the beheading of people the Grand Chanter doesn't like. When my sister refuses an order, I'd rather not have her head on the chopping block. Nothing against religion, but this cult isn't right for my sister."
And this is a bad thing? "Well, members that join the society are cut off from their friends and family. And anyone tries to quit disappears. No one knows what happens to them, by the way. Oh, and I did mention the secret beheadings, didn't I?"

After escaping from the trial:

"I appreciate you not slaughtering everyone in there. A holy bloodbath wouldn't have served us any better than you getting your head chopped off. Unfortunately, Josseline is as slippery as I am. She snuck away before we had a chance to talk."

So all that was for nothing? "Quite the opposite. Josseline fled with us, which means we gave her plenty to think about. I'd guess she's gone to one of the old Akatosh shrines along Varen's Wall. Let's split up. If you find her first, politely ask her to wait for me to arrive."
I'll look for your sister at the old Akatosh shrines.

After finding Josseline:

"My sister appears to be safe and sound. She's surprisingly calm, even if she's still mad about what I did to her friend. That's better than I expected. Thank you for your help. I couldn't have exposed Grand Chanter Surus's corruption without you."

Is there anything else I can do to help? "That's sweet, but you've already done more than enough. You helped me show my sister the truth about the Society of the Dragon. She's safe now and our plan worked exactly as I'd hoped. I couldn't have saved Josseline without your help. Thank you."

After the quest:

"There goes Josseline, off to who knows what until I have to go and pull her hair out of the fire again. I could use a drink. A strong drink. Why don't you meet me in Anvil and we'll drink to our success."

So how things have been since you repaired the Maiden's Breath? "Wonderful. Telonil's done a remarkable job in growing our fortune, Haerdon and Merkag are in fighting shape, and patrols have grown sparse since the war in Cyrodiil. I've got nothing against Captain Kaleen, mind you, but a woman needs her own ship."
Is Jakarn still pursuing you? "Not that I'd ever kiss and tell, my dear, but if nothing else, I remain amused by his advances. Do you know he memorized a book of Redguard poetry and quoted it at me? That was almost charming. And of course, there was the trained monkey."
Trained monkey? "It wore an adorable heart and clutched a wrapped gift. Perhaps Jakarn thought that since I enjoy Howler's company, the way to my heart was through a monkey. Howler chased the creature off, so I have no idea what was in the box."
You seem all right with your sister disappearing again. "It's what we do. She'll come back when she gets bored or needs something. She always does. Howler's a bit disappointed he didn't get more time with her, but he'll get over it. Nothing a few dozen mugs of ale won't cure."

Conversations[edit | edit source]

Show: Pious Intervention

Grand Chanter Surus: "Lieutenant, how has this heretic transgressed against the Dragon God?"
Lieutenant Mervial: "By spreading the word of Boethiah to the initiates."
Grand Chanter Surus: "There's only one punishment for blasphemy. Behead them!"
Initiate Josseline: "What? Isn't that a little extreme?"
Grand Chanter Surus: "You dare question the will of Akatosh?"
Initiate Josseline: "It doesn't say anything about beheadings in the Book of Akatosh."
Grand Chanter Surus: "Silence, initiate! Lieutenant, deliver Akatosh's justice."
Crafty Lerisa: "Is this the life you hoped for, Josseline?"
Initiate Josseline: "Lerisa? I should have known! I'm leaving."
Crafty Lerisa: "I like the sound of that. Time to go."

Near the last shrine:

Crafty Lerisa: "Josseline, Josseline. Could you be any more predictable?"
Initiate Josseline: "My dear sister, I knew you would find me. Are you here to kill me, too?

After speaking with Crafty Lerisa:

Initiate Josseline: "Every time you help me, someone winds up dead. Couldn't you let me deal with this myself?"
Crafty Lerisa: "I didn't like the way we left things, Josseline. And when I realized what the Grand Chanter was up to …."
Initiate Josseline: "So my big sister sails in to rescue me. Again. Tell me, how many did the Grand Chanter kill?"
Crafty Lerisa: "At least three people since I've been paying attention. I haven't been in town that long."
Initiate Josseline: "So you called in someone to help?"
Crafty Lerisa: "I know you're angry, but he really would have killed you, Josseline. I couldn't let that happen."
Initiate Josseline: "You don't have to worry about me anymore. I'm done with the Society and I'm done with Kvatch. But I am not going with you."
Crafty Lerisa: "Fair enough. But any time you need me, I'll be there."
Initiate Josseline: "I know. Goodbye, sister."

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Pious Intervention
  • "Remember, check the shrines along Varen's Wall. And do try to keep the slaughter and mayhem to a minimum!"

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