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== Locations ==
== Locations ==
=== Settlements ===
** '''Belkarth''' — A town in south-central <strong>Craglorn</strong>.
** '''Elinhir''' — A major city situated in eastern <strong>Craglorn</strong>.
** '''Rahni'Za, School of Warriors''' — A sword academy in south-central <strong>Craglorn</strong>, west of Belkarth.
** '''Shada's Tear'''
=== Trials ===
** Aetherian Archive
** Hel Ra Citadel
==== Caves, Ruins and Mines ====
** Spellscar - A huge spire located in an impact crater, likely created by magical means, in central Craglorn.
** The Seeker's Archive - A library in western Craglorn.
==== Dungeons ====
** '''Balamath''' — An Ayleid ruin in eastern <strong>Craglorn</strong>, north of Elinhir.
** '''Buried Sands''' — A cave in northwestern <strong>Craglorn</strong>. (map)
** '''Chiselshriek Mine''' — A mine in northeastern <strong>Craglorn</strong>. (map)
** '''Haddock's Market''' — A cave in south-central <strong>Craglorn</strong>, just east of Belkarth.
** '''Hel Ra Citadel''' — An ancient Yokudan fortress in western <strong>Craglorn</strong>.
** '''Hero's End'''
** '''Hircine's Haunt''' — A cave in central <strong>Craglorn</strong>, north of Belkarth. 
** '''Molavar''' — An Ayleid ruin located west of Elinhir.
** '''Mtharnaz''' 
** '''Rkhardahrk''' 
** '''Rkundzelft''' 
** '''Ruins of Kardala''' 
** '''Tombs of the Na-Totambu''' 
** '''Zalgaz's Den''' 
=== Group Events ===
** '''Anka-Ra Burial Site'''
** '''Magical Anomaly''' — A collection of ruins in eastern Craglorn.
=== Points of Interest ===
** '''Bangkorai Gate''' 
** '''Inazzur's Hold''' 
** '''Lake of Teeth''' 
** '''Lanista's Waystation''' — A small camp in northern <strong>Craglorn</strong>.
** '''Ogondar's Winery''' — The personal winery of Ogondar, the brewer at Crossroads Tavern in Belkarth. 
** '''Proving Grounds Dolmen''' 
** '''Scorpion Ravine''' 
** '''Taborra's Camp''' 
** '''Thunder Falls Camp'''
== Enemies ==
== Enemies ==

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Craglorn is an Adventure Zone in The Elder Scrolls Online.

It is a desolate region situated between Hammerfell, Skyrim, and Cyrodiil, that is besieged by strange creatures, marauding Orcs, and beings of immense power known as Celestials. An army of ancient, risen warriors of Yokuda lay siege in the west, led by the Celestial Warrior, while atronachs defile the land in the east, under the command of the Celestial Mage.[1][2]

The main storyline of Craglorn revolves the disappearance of the constellations and how the Celestials (the Warrior, the Mage, the Serpent) are impacting Craglorn. Quests and delves are designed for groups of four ranging from Veteran Rank 11 to 12, although players may enter the region at Veteran Rank 1 or above. The Undaunted offer 12-player Trials in which players compete for a place on the leaderboards, while facing environmental hazards, bosses with unique tactics, a timer (counting up, not down), and limited resurrections (36, 3 per group).[1][3]







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