Crassius Viria is an Imperial found at the Temple of the Ancestor Moths.


"Greetings, wanderer. If you have come to speak with an augur, there are none present at this time. Augur Volso was the last to have blessed this refuge, and he passed to his reward several months ago."

What is this place? "This is the ancient refuge of our order, the Cult of the Ancestor Moth. Here we tend the most honored of our augurs, those whose insights into the prophecies of the Elder Scrolls have rendered them blind, unable to delve further into the mysteries."
What's the Cult of the Ancestor Moth? "Only our order is able to read the Elder Scrolls. All that is known of them comes from our augurs, whose readings are rewarded with flashes of insight into the scrolls' prophecies. Each reading exacts a price, eventually rendering the augur blind."
What are ancestor moths? "An outsider could not understand. Gypsy moths house the spirits of our ancestors. We tend them and honor them, and their song enables our augurs to glean truths from the Elder Scrolls, to see glimpses of what was, what is, and what might yet be."


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