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Crimson Plague is a quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal. The Nerevarine must help Nerile Andaren cure citizens of Mournhold from a plague.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Releasing the plague[edit | edit source]

While exploring Old Mournhold's Temple Sewers, the Nerevarine will come across the locked tomb of Gedna Relvel. Once the lock is opened and the tomb is entered, the Hero will receive a message: "I smell something, not quite the smell of death, but of something worse".

Medicine delivery[edit | edit source]

Optional: The Nerevarine may, later, encounter Mehra Helas outside Mournhold's temple, and ask about the 'Latest Rumors' and directs the Hero to Nerile Andaren. Nerile Andaren is found inside the Temple, in the Hall of Ministry, she will ask the Nerevarine to help with an infestation problem, and bring a potion of cure common disease to Geon Auline. Geon is found inside his house in Godsreach. After delivering the potion, the Hero has returned to Nerile, to find the Hall of Ministry overrun by aggressive infected rats. Once the rats are dispatched, she ask for another favor to the Hero. The Nerevarine must deliver another potion to Athelyn Malas, who is waiting outside the main entrance of the temple. After this, Nerile has discovered the origins of the plague, she sends the Nerevarine to the Temple Sewers.

Finding the plague's origin[edit | edit source]

Shunari Eye-Fly

As the Hero goes down to the temple's basement, Shunari Eye-Fly is found in panic, standing over an unconscious High Ordinator, near the trapdoor that leads to the sewers. She explains how she followed the Nerevarine when they were breaking in the Gedna's tomb, hoping to find treasures, but she got sick. She tells the Hero she may be able to help more if they cure her, adding that Nerile knows about her and will provide what she requires. After healing Shunari with a scroll of cure common disease, that Nerile gave them, Shunari will follow the Nerevarine into the sewers, inside Old Mournhold's Temple Gardens, where she will reveal that, when she was inside Gedna Relvel's Tomb, an undead told her, they were there to spread a deadly disease over Mournhold. She then indicates a secret entrance to the tomb. As Shunari said, further in, two blocks of walls can be found, behind which rats are heard scurrying, and in front of it, a dark stone is protruding from the ground. The Nerevarine may stand on the stone which will lower and open the two blocks. Inside the tomb, many infected rats and Gedna Revel, a very powerful lich, will be roaming. After defeating them, and saying goodbye to Shunari on the way out, the Hero returns to Nerile to receive the reward.

Reward[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Journal[edit | edit source]

Crimson Plague – MS_CrimsonPlague
ID Journal Entry
10 I should find Nerile Andaren at the Temple in Mournhold and ask her about the recent outbreak of a disease.
  • Quest accepted
20 Nerile Andaren has asked me to deliver a potion of Cure Disease to Geon Auline at his house in Godsreach.
30 I have delivered the potion to Geon Auline, and should report back to Nerile Andaren.
40 Upon returning to the Hall of Ministry, I found it over-run with infected rats. They have all been killed.
50 Nerile Andaren thanked me for helping to get rid of the rats, and asked that I please deliver a potion of Cure Disease to Athelyn Malas in the Temple Courtyard.
60 I have delivered the potion to Athelyn Malas, and should report back to Nerile Andaren.
70 Nerile thanked me for delivering the potion to Goval Ralen.
80 Nerile Andaren has informed me that the rats are coming into the Temple through the basement. While guards have been posted to deal with them, she would like me to look into it. The rats are infected with a disease called the "Crimson Plague," supposedly wiped out during Tamriel's Second Age.
100 I spoke with a Khajiit named Shunari Eye-Fly. She claims to have information about the disease, but will only give it to me once she has been cured. I must find either a spell or a scroll to cure her disease; I should consult with Nerile Andaren and then meet Shunari in the Temple Gardens of Old Mournhold.
110 I have cured Shunari Eye-Fly.
120 Shunari told me the source of the Crimson Plague in Mournhold is Gedna Relvel, a lich entombed underneath the Temple. I have inadvertently caused the spread of the disease by opening her tomb.
130 Shunari told me of a secret passage within Gedna Relvel's tomb; I must find a rock wall in the bottom chamber and stand in front of it, but I am unsure how to actually open the passage.
140 I have opened the secret passage in Gedna Relvel's tomb; there was a hidden trigger for it in the floor.
150 I have killed Gedna Relvel.
160 Shunari Eye-Fly thanked me for killing Gedna Relvel. I doubt I will see her again.
170 Nerile Andaren thanked me for killing Gedna Relvel, and stopping the Crimson Plague before it could spread further. She has given me the power to heal once a day in exchange for the help I've given her.
  • Quest complete
200 I have killed Nerile Andaren.
  • Quest complete

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