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Critical Strike is a skill in The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall. It is a skill checked whenever successfully striking a target. A target that receives a successful Critical Strike suffers withering, often fatal, additional damage. A higher skill in critical strike only increases the chance, not the damage, of the strike itself occurring. It's governing attribute is Agility.

It is a primary skill for Assassins and Monks, a major skill for Archers and Rangers, and a minor skill for Acrobats, Barbarians, Burglars, Nightblades, Rogues, and Thieves. The Dark Brotherhood, Fighters Guild, Benevolence of Mara, Order of Arkay, School of Julianos, and Temple of Stendarr offer training.

Becoming infected with Lycanthropy (werewolf or wereboar) automatically increases the skill by +30, both in and out of were-form.

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