Corn growing at Shetcombe Farm.

A fast, easy, and cheap way of obtaining alchemical ingredients is to harvest crops from farms and gardens in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the player can harvest not only the ingredient category items but also food category items in the farms.

There are a number of farms, plots, and gardens scattered across Morrowind, Cyrodiil, Skyrim.

All ingredients and foods harvested from plants will eventually grow back, usually in a matter of days.


The farms in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind are the containers.


Junal-Lei's HouseEdit


The largest are Odiil Farm, Lord Drad's Estate, and Shetcombe Farm in Oblivion. The largest agricultural center is Skingrad, with an enormous field of tomatoes north of the city and grapes from the Surilie Brothers Vineyards and Tamika's Vineyards growing just outside of the west gate.

The crops grown on farms are generally only good for making potions that restore fatigue until one reaches the higher levels of alchemy. Expert alchemists may find strawberries, watermelons, and grapes useful for damage health potions. Combining grapes with flax—both very abundant in the West Weald—makes an effective poison for high-level alchemists.

The following is a complete list of gardens and farms in Oblivion:




Border WatchEdit

Brina Cross InnEdit


These items only appear after the "Goblin Trouble" quest is completed and the settlement is finished.


Gottlesfont PrioryEdit

Harlun's WatchEdit

Harm's FollyEdit

Lord Drad's EstateEdit

Odiil FarmEdit

Priory of the NineEdit


Shetcombe FarmEdit

Unnamed farm north of SkingradEdit


There are two extensive vineyards outside of Skingrad's western gate. An enormous amount of grapes are available here.

Water's EdgeEdit

Next to Marie Alouette's house:

Next to Eduard Retiene's house:


Whitmond FarmEdit


The following is a complete list of gardens and farms in Skyrim:


Brandy-Mug FarmEdit

Hlaalu FarmEdit

Hollyfrost FarmEdit

Falkreath HoldEdit

Corpselight FarmEdit


Katla's FarmEdit

The PaleEdit

The ReachEdit

Salvius FarmEdit

The RiftEdit

Sarethi FarmEdit

Merryfair FarmEdit

Snow-Shod FarmEdit

Whiterun HoldEdit

Lemkil's FarmEdit

Cowflop FarmEdit

Chillfurrow FarmEdit

Pelagia FarmEdit

Battle-Born FarmEdit

Soul CairnDGEdit


Old Attius FarmEdit


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