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"I don't know what happened to us. We're mountain folk and miners. We shouldn't be so easily cowed."
Marent Ergend[src]

Crosswych is a relatively isolated mountain town in the north eastern part of Glenumbra, High Rock, east of the Cryptwatch Fort. It is situated on the very border with the region of Stormhaven. The town is mostly populated by miners.

Sometime in the First Era, a rich iron vein was discovered by Pinifred Lode-Finger in the nearby mountains and a mine was created. The town was founded for the miners.[1]

During the Interregnum, the town was managed by a beloved mayor, Heseph.[2][3] However, a group of bandits by the name of the Red Rooks used the chaos caused by the Bloodthorn Cult and Faolchu to seize control of the isolated and unprotected Crosswych.[4] The Red Rooks murdered the previous mayor and took over the mining operations, using the mine as a prison, and prisoners as slave labor. The Rooks' leader, Sternis Gelves, had hoped to keep the town open to travelers in the hopes of more income and taxation.[5]

A local resistance organized by the Vestige and Tamien Sellan succeed in restoring order and chasing the Red Rooks out of the town.[6] After the uprising, a previous councilor and a member of the resistance, Lia, steps up and offers herself as a candidate for mayor.[2] For the future security of the town, the Daggerfall Covenant and Fighters Guild both establish a local presence. Additionally Crosswych establishes contact with the Lion Guard.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Legitimate Interests[edit | edit source]

A gang of outlaws by the name of the Red Rooks has taken over the town, killed and enslaved many of Crosswych citizens, and are now working the mine with the help of slave labor. Help form the local resistance by persuading local authorities to stand up against the occupants.

The End of Extortion[edit | edit source]

Residents of Crosswych are harassed and beaten up on the streets of the town. Help them out by punishing the harassers and rescuing the abused villagers.

The Miner's Lament[edit | edit source]

Many of residents that initially resisted the Red Rook Bandits have been enslaved and are being worked to death in the Crosswych Mine. Increase the power of the local resistance forces by rescuing enslaved miners and stopping the Red Rook mining operation.

Crosswych Reclaimed[edit | edit source]

With the help of local resistance forces, kill the remaining Red Rook occupants and their leader, finally restoring order.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Marked Locations[edit | edit source]

Crosswych Inn[edit | edit source]

Crosswych Inn from the street

Crosswych Inn is a large, three story tavern in the town of Crosswych. It is also the largest building in the town. The inn is owned by the innkeeper, Len Belland, and his wife Aleen. Chef Smauk the Stewmaster and brewer Hisolda offer their services here.

Crosswych Inn was still open and maintained by Aleen during the Red Rook occupation and the imprisonment of Len Belland.[7] It was used as a staging ground for the local resistance led by Tamien Sellan.[8]

After the villagers retake the town, Len opens up a store and Barun the Bard can be seen entertaining guests here. Some old acquaintances like Alexia Dencent and Alinon the Alchemist can be met and talked to in the inn.

Fighters Guild[edit | edit source]

Members of the Fighters Guild training at their camp

After the Red Rooks are chased out of the town, the Fighters Guild sets up a small camp and training grounds east of the Iron Mine Arms & Armor. The local branch is lead by the hall steward Sergeant Magarakh. Armsman Kalad is offering his services here.

After the occupation some of the villagers consider the presence of the Fighters Guild a guarantee for the future safety of Crosswych.[9] Some have even taken up the idea of joining the faction themselves.[10]

Iron Mine Arms & Armor[edit | edit source]

Iron Mine Arms & Armor is a local forge situated just south of the Crosswych Mine. It was reopened to the public after the Red Rooks had been chased out of the town. Suriel the Smith can be seen working the forge. Blacksmith Celiane Laelippe, clothier Evinn Chrirnis and carpenter Nilenir Tree-Killer offer their services here.

Gestor's Fine Goods[edit | edit source]

Gestor's Fine Goods is a general store run by the Gestor family - the merchants Vincein Gestor and Emabeth Gestor. The store kept its doors open despite the occupation of Red Rooks. Idaron Virane can be found in the cellar, hiding from the occupants of the town.[11]

Menoit's Emporium[edit | edit source]

Menoit's Emporium is a store run by the Menoit family - the enchanter Fabrice Menoit and alchemist Petrille Menoit. A mystic, Plays-With-Fire, can also be seen offering his services here. Magister Janona Alielle from the Mages Guild can be met just outside the store.

Saddle and Stirrup[edit | edit source]

Saddle and Stirrup is a stable run by the stablemaster Leana Cantillon. She hid during the Red Rook occupation.[12] A stable worker Lahzga used to help with maintaining the stable, but has changed her mind after chasing out the Red Rooks.[13]

Unmarked Locations[edit | edit source]

Crosswych Mine[edit | edit source]

"In early 24th century of the First Era a trove of iron ore was found beneath the hills of northern Glenumbra by the celebrated Pinifred Lode-Finger. A great mine was delved to dig out the ore, and the town of Crosswych was founded to house the miners."
Loading Screen of Crosswych Mine[src]

Crosswych Mine is an iron mine situated in the north of the town of Crosswych. Miners working the mine founded the town around it, making the mine oldest structure here.

Before the Red Rook occupation, the mine was run by the Councilor Theodore.[14] After the take-over, the Red Rooks used the mine as a prison, enslaving anyone who resisted their rule and making prisoners work themselves to death in the mines. The mining operation was overseen by Foreman Blaise.[15]

After the order in Crosswych had been restored a couple of Red Rooks hid and remained in the mine.[14][16]

Donella's House[edit | edit source]

Donella's House is situated south of the Menoit's Emporium. It is the home of Councilor Donella.

Mayor's House[edit | edit source]

The Mayor's House is a large house in the north east separated from the rest of the town by a bridge. It was former home of the deceased mayor Heseph. During the Red Rook occupation, the house was taken over by Sternis Gelves and his bodyguards.[17]

Theodore's House[edit | edit source]

Theodore's House is a house situated west of the Crosswych Inn. It is the home of the Councilor Theodore.

Virgile's House[edit | edit source]

Virgile's House is a house on a hill, right next to the Gestor's Fine Goods. It is the home of the Councilor Virgile.

Watchtowers[edit | edit source]

The town of Crosswych has two unlocked watchtowers. One is by the bridge to the Mayor's House and another is located at the very south of the town. While nothing of note can be found in them, some of the citizens used these as a hideout during the Red Rook occupation.[18]

Notable items[edit | edit source]

Name Location
Letter to Ando In a barn nearby the Theodore's House, sitting on one of the makeshift beds.
The Miner's Lament On a wooden desk near the lower entrance to the Crosswych Mine
The Ivory Lord: A Hero Born, V. 3 On a table, in Virgile's House
Quest Items
Name Quest Location
Resistance Fighter's Signal Crosswych Reclaimed Given by Tamien Sellan
Location Map
On the wooden scaffolding just outside the upper exit of the Crosswych Mine
Crosswych Map Skyshard.png

Characters[edit | edit source]

Name Type Location
Celiane Laelippe Blacksmith Iron Mine Arms & Armor
Evinn Chrirnis Clothier Iron Mine Arms & Armor
Fabrice Menoit Enchanter Menoit's Emporium
Hisolda Brewer Crosswych Inn
Kalad Armsman Crosswych Fighter's Guild
Leana Cantillon Stablemaster Saddle and Stirrup
Len Belland Innkeeper Crosswych Inn
Nilenir Tree-Killer Carpenter Iron Mine Arms & Armor
Petrille Menoit Alchemist Menoit's Emporium
Plays-With-Fire Mystic Menoit's Emporium
Smauk the Stewmaster Chef Crosswych Inn
Vincein Gestor Merchant Gestor's Fine Goods
Notable Characters
Name Interaction
Alard Conversation
Aleen Conversation
Alexia Dencent Conversation
Alinon the Alchemist Conversation
Azazh None
Barun the Bard None
Carena Conversation
Cognor None
Colwin Errard Conversation
Councilor Donella Quest
Councilor Lia Quest
Councilor Theodore Quest
Councilor Virgile Quest
Deet-Zeeus None
Dulasha None
Edgard Gane Conversation
Emabeth Gestor Conversation
Filibert Frinck None
Fintias Conversation
Gah-Dum None
Ghiyath None
Glurzul None
Gustave Maucroix None
Herane Conversation
Idaron Virane Conversation
Inawyn Conversation
Izdiya None
Janona Alielle Conversation
Jimy Gidric Conversation
Khariz-ja Conversation
Lahzga Conversation
Lanard Murric Conversation
Machael Conversation
Marayna Murric Conversation
Marent Ergend Quest
Mathilde Gidric Conversation
Michelia Pujol None
Mokhrul gro-Duluk None
Murielle None
Mylenne Conversation
Nithleen Conversation
Octin Murric Conversation
Ograh the Kind Conversation
Okrat None
Pierielle Manis None
Ranarsh Conversation
Redwyg Ancois None
Sabur None
Sammis Conversation
Scout Merton [?]
Sergeant Magarakh Conversation
Sharduka None
Snagdurl None
Suriel the Smith Quest
Tamien Sellan Quest
Ulang gro-Korlag None
Umisarah None
Undush None
Urilumezi None
Yadhah Conele None
Generic Characters
Name Description Notes
Crosswych Citizen Residents of the Crosswytch, that are being harassed by the Red Rook Bandits. They can be helped by killing the nearby bandits. Only appears during the quest "The End of Extortion."
Covenant Guard Regular guardsmen who patrol the regions controlled by the Daggerfall Covenant. Appears after the quest "Crosswych Reclaimed" has been completed.
Enslaved Miner Residents of Crosswych, that had been enslaved by the Red Rook Bandits to work in the Crosswych Mine. Sometimes they can be rescued by killing the nearby bandits. Disappear in the outer mines after the quest "Crosswych Reclaimed" has been completed.
Miner Previously enslaved residents, that had been freed by the Vestige. Only appears in between the quests "The Miner's Lament" and "Crosswych Reclaimed."

Facilities[edit | edit source]

Name Location
Alchemy Station Menoit's Emporium
Blacksmithing Station Iron Mine Arms & Armor
Clothing Station Iron Mine Arms & Armor
Cooking Fire [?]
Enchanting Station Menoit's Emporium
Woodworking Station Iron Mine Arms & Armor
Name Location
Safebox Menoit's Emporium,
Donella's House,
Virgile's House,
Gestor's Fine Goods
Thieves Trove [?]
Chest [?]
Name Interaction Location
Cave-In Warning Bell Used to summon Foreman Blaise during the quest "The Miner's Lament" End of the Crosswych Mine

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Notable Enemies
Name Location Notes
Foreman Blaise End of the Crosswych Mine Summoned during the quest "The Miner's Lament."
Sternis Gelves Mayor's House Only appears during the quest "Crosswych Reclaimed."
Generic Enemies
Name Location Notes
Red Rook Archer Crosswych Mine Only becomes hostile after the quest "Legitimate Interests," disappears from the outer mine after the quest "Crosswych Reclaimed."
Red Rook Bandit All over the town Only becomes hostile after the quest "Legitimate Interests," disappears from the town after the quest "Crosswych Reclaimed."
Red Rook Enforcer All over the town Only becomes hostile after the quest "Legitimate Interests," disappears from the town after the quest "Crosswych Reclaimed."
Red Rook Looter Crosswych Mine
Virgile's House
Only becomes hostile after the quest "Legitimate Interests," disappears from the outer mine after the quest "Crosswych Reclaimed."
Red Rook Raider Crosswych Mine Only becomes hostile after the quest "Legitimate Interests," disappears from the outer mine after the quest "Crosswych Reclaimed."

Creatures[edit | edit source]

Name Type Interaction
Cat Pet None
Chicken Livestock Killable*
Dog Pet None
Horse Horse None
Rat Pest Killable
Sheep Livestock Killable*

*Murdering livestock in view of others will be considered a crime.

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Maps[edit | edit source]

Loading Screens[edit | edit source]

Appearances[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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