Crosswych Reclaimed is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.


Tamien Sellan says the Crosswych resistance has gained enough momentum. It's time to deal with the Red Rooks' leader, Sternis Gelves himself. I need to enter the mayor's house, find Gelves and kill him.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Kill Sternis Gelves
  2. Talk to Tamien Sellan
  3. Complete the quest


Tamien says it's time as the people of Crosswych have taken up arms and are ready to retake their town. But first Sternis Galves must die. He has set up his headquarters in the Mayor's house. He never leaves the place since the resistance started. The Vestige needs to fight through his personal guards to reach him, but help is near if wanted.

The resistance has grown, use this whistle in front of the mayor's house and anyone near will come and aid in the fight. Return when Gelves is dead.

Resistance Fighter's Signal

Head over to the mayor's house, fight any bandits in the way and when approaching the house it's time to use the whistle when spotting a bandit. At once a few resistance members will arrive and help kill the bandits.

Head inside the house and search for Gelvis. He'll probably be upstairs but there are one or two guards in the house to fight first. Head upstairs and fight Gelves. After defeating him, head outside and find Tamien outside.

He is pleased to hear Gelvis is dead, thanks for the help and says Crosswych will be back to normal in no time. At last Sternis Gelves has paid for his crimes against Crosswych, Eagle's Brook and Tamien's family.


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