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"Do you like dark humor, grim but funny? We've got a stylish motif for you! As Chamberlain Haskill explains, “My Lord Sheogorath has directed me to compile a guide for those seeking to create 'Grim Harlequin' arms and armor, so that the Mad God's mortal servants may have a way to make all their equipment look the same. Of course, this standardization runs counter to all other cult practices, and is insane on the face of it. What's your point?"
―Crown Store description[src]

Crown Crafting Motif: Grim Harlequin is a seasonally exclusive crafting pack for The Elder Scrolls Online available through the Crown Store. It is only available during the Halloween season in October, and not for the remainder of the year. This pack included a motif book for mad god style crafting.


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