"Each of Skyrim's holds sent a mage to a convocation called specifically to craft a magical artifact that would test the worth of potential candidates for High King. To this end, they created the Crown of Verity."
Taleon Mythmaker[src]

The Crown of Verity was a crown designed to assist in the choosing of a new High King of Skyrim, and also served as a replacement for The Jagged Crown, which had been lost in the Wild Hunt of 1E 369. One of the main reasons for its creation was to solidify the High King's rule over Skyrim, and stabilize the relatively shaky political sphere Skyrim had become.[1]

The Moot agreed to select a tribal chieftain named Asurn Ice-Breaker as the next High King, and as such he had to wear the Crown of Verity. It was during this moment that the Crown ultimately refused to recognize Asurn as High King—it "literally refused to be placed upon his head." When Asurn threatened to kill the other members of the Moot if they did not name him High King, Kjoric the White—a relatively soft-spoken man—defeated Asurn in a duel, and donned the crown without issue. From that point until the fall of the Reman Empire in 2E 431, the Crown's influence was left unchallenged.[1]


  • The crown was renamed to the "Crown of Freydis" in Freydis' honor after she assumed the title of High Queen in Windhelm either by her or her heirs.[1]



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