Crucible is the southern side of New Sheoth and it displays the traits of Dementia. It has exits to Bliss in the north and New Sheoth Palace to the northeast. It shows the darker and sadder side of Shivering Isles. It is ruled by the Duchess of Dementia, Syl, from the New Sheoth Palace. Dark Seducers act as law enforcers like in the rest of Dementia.



There are 15 people who live in Crucible:

Faded noteEdit

A Faded Note, a Sunken Urn Key and two bottles of Bernice's Roofwater Wine can be found on the rooftop of Cutter's Weapons. The note is written by an anonymous paranoid who says that the residents of Crucible will never find his "stash," which he has placed in an urn and hidden in the sewage behind Bernice's.

The key and the note are on the stool, therefore sitting on it propels them away at high speed, making the key very hard to find. Also on the roof nearby is a scroll of Remote Manipulation and a pair of Scruffy Shoes. The urn is fairly difficult to find—look for a broken box on the higher level of sewage behind the Taphouse. The urn contains excellent leveled treasure and gold. It also contains Fellmoor Swamp Wine, Fellmoor Spore Wine and possibly Fellmoor Red Wine with a value of 1–3 depending on level.


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