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"A combatant who wields the power of brute strength and medicinal knowledge. Cheating death after every fight, they rely on their keen knowledge of restoration to fight yet again."
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The Crusader class is a pre-made class who relies primarily on maces and warhammers to beat their opponents into submission, but are also just as happy to throw some devastating magic into their faces as well. A Crusader protects themselves with a wall of steel and is skilled at healing whatever wounds they take in battle.



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The Crusader is like a Knight or Warrior, but with a small twist. Unlike Warriors and Knights who usually focus on using healing potions and other methods of healing, Crusaders can fully utilize Restoration to heal themselves in or out of battle.

With Blade and Blunt, the Crusader can dish out heavy damage in close range, and what the Crusader chooses to use will influence his style of fighting. With Blunt, the Crusader will be more powerful physically, yet will suffer from the slow attack speed and will have to get closer in combat. With Blade, the Crusader will be more agile and can cope with the fewer burdens from blade weaponry, as well as also gain a longer reach in combat, but of course will suffer from the damage deduction, thus they won't be the most "powerful" type of fighter. Although Crusaders have the great defensive advantage of Heavy Armor, they unfortunately aren't skilled with a shield, and will miss out on the great Armor increase shields deliver. Since a Crusader lacks skill in Block, they may want to use two-handed weapons to maximize their combat reach and damage to compensate for their defensive shortcomings. The Crusaders don't always have to focus on weapons in combat, as the Crusader is skilled in the school of Destruction, which will definitely be a great help in combat.

Hand-to-Hand is good to use when the Crusader has no weapon (or if the used weapon is broken), so they will have at least some sort of way to fight back in combat. Athletics is for Fatigue while fighting close-range, or for using distance Destruction spells without the need of having to drink a lot of Restore Fatigue potions.

Overall, the Crusader is a well-balanced fighter, with a slight combination of Battlemage/Sorcerer. However, if the Crusader class had the Block attribute, it would make fighting much easier.


  • In Morrowind, the Crusader's favored attributes are Strength and Agility, not Strength and Willpower. This is likely a mistake, seeing as the Archer class already covers Strength and Agility.


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