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The Crypt of Hearts is the final area in The Elder Scrolls Travels: Shadowkey, it is the largest area in the game, being separated in to three sections. It is home to the Umbra' Keth, and is where the Soul of Conflict faces Pergan Asuul for the third and final time.[1]


Crypt of Hearts IEdit

One of two Shadowgates in the Crypt of Hearts can be found in the southwest of this section.

Crypt of Hearts IIEdit

Crypt of Hearts II contains the Vault of the Heavens, the home of the Star Teeth and the location of the final battle against the Umbra' Keth, though the Umbra' Keth itself is found in Crypt of Hearts III. The other Shadowgate of Crypt of Hearts can be found in the far south of this area. There are numerous enemies in there with the Hero, as well as two Sanctuary Rooms, where enemies cannot enter.


The Shadowgate on this room allows entrance to a large and mostly empty room, with a brazier at the end of the room.


Crypt of Hearts IIIEdit

There are two main areas in the Crypt of Hearts III, the Pool of Safety and the Umbra' Keth's chamber. The Umbra' Keth must be led from his chamber to the Vault of Heavens in Crypt of Hearts II. The Pool of Safety can be found in the south of Crypt of Hearts III, it is the only area where the Umbra' Keth cannot attack the Hero.



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