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The Crystal Tower, also known as the Crystal-Like-Law[1] or Lawful Crystal,[2] was a mystical structure located on the Summurset Isles, which, before the construction of the Arcane University, was the supposed pinnacle of magical learning in Tamriel. It was razed by Daedra hordes during the Oblivion Crisis, who had managed to cast the Tower to the ground, 'with all the dignity of a beggar.'

Crystal Tower, a monument to the spirit of the elven people and one of their greatest engineering projects. Within the glittering walls of the Tower are housed the graves of the early Aldmeri settlers, preserved forever as a lasting symbol of the power of the people for that brief moment in history, fully unified.

Also known as Crystal-Like-Law, this structure is of symbolic importance to the Altmer just as White-Gold Tower was for the Ayleids.

A shadowy group who call themselves the Beautiful, originally a salon for artists with the reasonable philosophy that Summurset must let go of its past in order to move forward, became a revolutionary gang dedicated to the destruction of the greatest monuments of Altmer civilizations. The Crystal Tower was naturally an early target, and attempts against it failed.

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The tower was constructed by the ancient Aldmer, and was considered sacred to the Altmer. Up until the construction of the Arcane University in the Second Era, the tower was the center of magical learning in Tamriel.[3]

The Staff of Chaos[edit | edit source]

After using the Staff of Chaos on Uriel Septim VII and banishing him to Oblivion, Jagar Tharn separated the Staff into eight pieces and hid the fifth one inside the tower.[4]

The Great Anguish[edit | edit source]

During the Oblivion Crisis at the end of the Third Era, the Summurset Isles were plagued by hordes of Daedra. The Crystal Tower stood as the Altmer's last bastion of hope and thus housed many refugees fleeing the violence.

Daedra surrounded the tower and after a few days launched a massive assault that led to the slaughter of many elves and the eventual collapse of the Crystal Tower (as told by Lathenil of Sunhold in Rising Threat).

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