"You know, some of my best friends are your sort of people. There's what's his name ... and the brewer I recently hired. Best friends, one and all. Is there something in particular I can do for you? Otherwise, my regular customers are waiting."

Cuileril is the Altmer innkeeper of the Anchors Aweigh Inn in the city of Shimmerene, Summerset. Although he claims to be best friends with many non-Altmer, the only one he can name is his employee, Riharai.


  • "Ah, another member of the disadvantages masses, washing up on Summerset's shores, As Queen Ayrenn commands, so shall it be. I just hope you have gold. This is still a business, not a charity."
  • "I suppose the Divine Prosecution helped you settle into our fair city. Or maybe it was the monks at the monastery? I never remember who's dealing with these sorts of things. Your gold is good here. Just don't expect a seat at a table. Or a glass."


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