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The Cumberland family was a prominent merchant family in Wayrest during the Second Era.

Like other merchants in the kingdom, they wielded incredible wealth and power. Before the Cumberland family, Wayrest was ruled by the Gardner Dynasty. However, the Knahaten Flu killed both Lord Pierric of Cumberland, and the entire royal family of Wayrest in the Second Era. The kingdom was left leaderless in a time of chaos, and Pierric's son, Emeric, was persuaded to assume the throne as High King of Wayrest. This began the rule of the Cumberland family, also known as the Cumberland Dynasty.[1][2]

Lord Pierric of Cumberland had a hall of business in Wayrest, and the family struck a vast Orichalcum lode in the Cumberland Mine. They also had their own Cumberland Guard, and the Cumberland House.[2] Cumberland Square is the oldest and wealthiest marketplace in Wayrest.[1]




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