For other uses, see Curses (Arena).

Curse is an action card in The Elder Scrolls: Legends.



Curse is best used against creatures with 1 power and more than 1 health as it creates a 0 power card for the opponent, which is useless for offense. This also allows the creature to be susceptible to Execute. Enemy creatures with Lethal and only 1 power are able to be traded into favorably when Cursed. It can also be used to destroy high power but low health creatures, such as the 9/1 Bog Lurcher. Additionally, it can also be used to weaken a strong enemy creature, such as Alduin, or against strong creatures with Drain, such as Volkihar Lord. This effect can be strengthened with Shearpoint Dragon in play. Creatures that have been affected by Curse count as wounded and can therefore be destroyed with Finish Off or Leaflurker.



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