Cursed Mine is a mine found west of Skingrad. The mine is a bandit lair and on the third level there is a medium-sized silver mining installment and it also has multiple bedrolls and a fire. There is a leveled bandit ringleader on the bottom floor. There are multiple bandits and sometimes a dog, and there are several traps.

Bandits using light armor and light weapons occasionally carry enchanted weaponry. The Bandit Ringleader is located in the last part of the mine and always has enchanted gear, sometimes the gear is very rare and very powerful.


Breakdown ChambersEdit

Lower GalleriesEdit


Ulterior MotivesEdit

As part of their investigation of the necromancers and the deaths of their two mages, Raminus Polus asks that the Hero head to Skingrad and retrieve a book from Count Janus Hassildor.


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