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"You need something talk to my husband. Vantus Loreius. Or just Loreius, if it's all the same to you."


Curwe is an Altmer farmer and the wife of Vantus Loreius.


Curwe and Vantus live together at Loreius Farm. She is an essential character, but can be found murdered along with her husband if the Dragonborn chooses to side with Vantus in the quest "Delayed Burial" and later joins the Dark Brotherhood.


Vantus LoreiusEdit

Curwe: "I had a look at that boneyard the other day, Vantus. The one to the Northwest."
Vantus: "I told you I don't like you going there. I've seen scavengers picking at the mammoths. They could be dangerous."

Curwe: "You know, I was thinking of expanding the herb garden. Make room for some new plants I'm planning."
Vantus: "That should be all right. How much space were you planning?"
Curwe: "Oh, half the field should do."
Vantus: "Half the field? What could need half the field?"
Curwe: "I just think pollinating would be easier if I could do a lot of plants at once."
Vantus: "Uh... why don't we talk about this later?"


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