Cyndassa is a maid in Daggerfall Castle, who is in service to the queen Aubk'i.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

The Beast[edit | edit source]

Speak to Cyndassa and kill the Werewolf for her.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

The Beast

"Hey, if I told you I could give you a bit of information, let's say, about that letter of milday, would you be interested there, Agent (Player name)? I thought so. Now, mind you, I ain't givin' it away. Before I scratch yer back, you gotta scratch mine. Deal?"

Yes "M'name is Cyndassa. Daggerfall. I'll tell you everything I know, but I don't need to remind you that there ain't no such thing as free info, do I, Agent (Player name)? I'm just a maid to ger highness, nothing but a fleck to the world, and my needs ain't big. I need this werewolf done in. I know just where it is -- some Oblivion forsook hole called Tristore Laboratory (Random dungeon), off the coast over Betony (Or another region) way. I can't tell you why, but it's important to me that that werewolf gets put outta its misery. I'll wait here for 29 days for you -- that oughta be plenty of time."
No "Of course not. You only work for the likes of kings, don't ya? Poor Cyndassa has to work for herself, is that it? Well, By the Cliffs of Solitude, it suits me just fine, so there."

After slaying the werewolf:

"It's dead then, is it? Poor thing. He used to be my brother. If you ask me, he died long ago, when he first got bit. He hated himself when he became that beast. I wish there'd been another way to help him. I promised I'd tell you about that letter yer lookin for, didn't I now? Of course, I remember that letter, Agent (Player name). It's not every day that you gets a letter from the Emperor himself, especially seein' as the King ain't too fond of him. 'Fact, that's the only letter I ever seen from him. I give it to her majesty, and she's all excited and she rip it open and says "this isn't for me, this is addressed to Mynisera." Then... boom! Her jaw fall open and her eyes get real wide. She say she'll make sure the Queen Mother gets it and that I don't have to worry myself none about it."

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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