The Cyrodiil Vampyrum Order, referred to as Our Order by its members, is Cyrodiil's native vampire clan.[1] A ruthlessly effective faction, the Order has monopolized Vampirism within the province, ousting all other bloodlines. Members are experts of concealment and political manipulation; having infiltrated almost every other faction in Cyrodiil; the vampires of the Order, under the guise of mortal men and women, infiltrated politics and the highest echelons of society to consolidate their own power and establish themselves as influential entrepreneurs.[1][2] Despite being a powerful bloodline of vampires that have managed to make Cyrodiil their stronghold during the Third Era, the Order's strength is not in physical numbers, but instead the skillful manipulation of Imperial society.[1]

The Order demands a strict code of conduct among its members:[1]

"Firstly, reveal thyself and our Order to no other, for discretion is the greatest of our virtues. Do not feed where you may be found out, or on those who may suspect your passing. Avoid daylight by lifestyle; dispel common belief in our kind, and maintain supple appearance through satisfaction of the thirst. Second, devote your pursuits to the procurement of influence, political and otherwise."

The Order views all other vampiric tribes as inferior, although they remain wary of more "enlightened" clans such as the Glenmoril Wyrd of High Rock and the Whet-Fang of Argonia. The Order honors two main patrons: Molag Bal, the "Kin-father," who brought forth the Bloodmatron Lamae to spite Arkay, and is the source of their vampiric infection. And Clavicus Vile, who taught them the arts of concealment and social manipulation, and who helps them control their blood craving. The Order's bond with Vile makes them unique among other vampiric bloodlines. For Him, they live amongst mankind, and twist them to their will to meet their own agendas.[1]

The true name of the Vampyrum Order was lost in history, likely as a result of their efforts to remain as secretive as possible.[2]

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