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"For three thousand years, the Imperials of the Nibenay valley have set the standards for sophistication and class. Now you can furnish your living room Nibenese style with these benches, shelves, and decorations."
―Crown Store Showcase[src]

The Cyrodilic Parlor Pack is a homestead furnishing pack for The Elder Scrolls Online available on the Crown Store.


This bundle contains the following:

  • Breton Carpet, Full
  • Imperial Bench, Fitted
  • Imperial Bookcase, Swirled
  • Imperial Desk, Desk
  • Imperial Dresser, Open
  • Imperial Shelf, Wall
  • Painting of a Waterfall, Refined
  • Plaque, Bordered Deer Antlers
  • Rough Candle, Tealight
  • Rough Firewood, Stack


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