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"Don't worry, we'll keep the Emperor Martin safe here. No enemy has ever taken Cloud Ruler from the Blades."

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Cyrus is a Blades member at Cloud Ruler Temple. He is the first member to greet Jauffre, Martin and the Hero upon their arrival at the Temple. He can most often be found guarding the front door to the temple. He wears a full set of Blades Armor and sleeps in a brown shirt with light brown linens.


"What can I do for you, sir?"

Rumors "The Emperor's death was a harsh lesson for all of us. We failed in our duty to the Dragonborn. It must not happen again."

"May Talos guide you."



Cloud Ruler TempleEdit

Cyrus: "Grandmaster, is this ... ?"
Jauffre: "Yes, Cyrus. This is the Emperor's son. Martin Septim."
Cyrus: "My lord! Welcome to Cloud Ruler Temple! We have not had the honor of an Emperor's visit in in many years!"
Martin: "Ah, well, thank you! The honor is mine."
Jauffre: "Come. Your Blades are waiting to greet you."

Hailing Martin SeptimEdit

Jauffre: "Blades! Dark times are upon us. The Emperor and his sons were slain on our watch. The Empire is in chaos. But there is yet hope. Here is Martin Septim, true son of Uriel Septim!"
Belisarius: "Hail, Dragonborn! Hail Martin Septim! Hail!"
Captain Steffan: "Hail, Dragonborn! Hail Martin Septim! Hail!"
Caroline: "Hail, Dragonborn! Hail Martin Septim! Hail!"
Cyrus: "Hail, Dragonborn! Hail Martin Septim! Hail!"
Jena: "Hail, Dragonborn! Hail Martin Septim! Hail!"
Roliand: "Hail, Dragonborn! Hail Martin Septim! Hail!"
Jauffre: "Your Highness. The Blades are at your command. You will be safe here until you can take up your throne."
Martin: "Jauffre. All of you. I know you all expect me to be Emperor. I'll do my best. But this is all new to me. I'm not used to giving speeches. But I wanted you to know that I appreciate your welcome here. I hope I prove myself worthy of your loyalty in the coming days. That's it. Thank you."
Jauffre: "Well, then. Thank you, Martin. We'd all best get back to our duties, eh, Captain?"


"With no Emperor to serve, the Blades now return to our ancient role. We will bide our time until the next Dragonborn arises."


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