Daalinden is an Altmer found near the Plaza of the Eight in Shimmerene, Summerset. He cannot be interacted with.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

The Queen's Decree[edit | edit source]

Razum-dar asks the Vestige to ask citizens of Shimmerene their opinions on Queen Ayrenn's decree to allow other races onto the island of Summerset. After speaking with three citizens of Shimmerene as Razum-dar asked, Daalinden can be found at the front gate, where an argument about Queen Ayrenn's decree is occurring.

Conversations[edit | edit source]

The Queen's Decree[edit | edit source]

Veranquel: "This is unheard of! Why have you closed the Monastery?"
Aldarch Tilcalar: "Good people, I hear your concerns."
Indalinwe: "But the workers I hired? They were aboard the ship from Rivenspire!"
Aldarch Tilcalar: "The Kinlady and I, we have only your best interests in mind. Every guest must be sequestered while we ascertain their suitability for Altmer society."
Daalinden: "The Aldarch's right. Lock up the newcomers!"
Corimin: "Send the newcomers back where they came from! We don't want them here!"

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