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Daedra Hearts are the key ingredient used in crafting Daedric armor and weapons at a blacksmith forge, and can also be used to create potions. They are relatively rare and quite valuable. However, some alchemy shops carry them and refresh stock every couple of days or so. 

With the use of the Sigil stone, Daedra hearts can be created by using the Atronach Forge in the Midden under the College of Winterhold by putting one human heart and a black soul gem (filled or not) in the offering box, then using the pullbar to create a Daedra heart. They are a deeper red color than the usual human heart.


A few are found in quests to obtain Daedric artifacts, while others can be found in random apothecary satchels and on necromancers. They can also be obtained as loot by killing Daedra.


Random and recurring

  • alchemy shops may have up to two Daedra hearts in stock as early as character level two.
    • May also have one in their personal inventory, which may be pickpocketed.
  • Any apothecary's satchel in the game may contain one, though very rare.
  • Dead Dremora usually drop one.
  • Any enemy spellcaster may drop one, but only rarely. The more powerful the spellcaster, the higher the chance.
  • Drelas' Cottage, one may sometimes be found in the containers.
  • One may be found on a dead alchemist in a random encounter.
  • Vigilants of Stendarr may drop one, though it is rare.
  • Loot on Hagravens, though rarely.
  • In Dawnguard, a trip to the Soul Cairn can yield many hearts, as nearly every chest contains one, and many of the enemies here have a chance to drop one.

One time only


Coated in Blood

Moth gro-Bagol, a blacksmith in the Understone Keep, will ask the Dragonborn to locate a Daedra heart in exchange for a piece of light or heavy armor.

The Cursed Tribe

Atub, an Orsimer mage in Largashbur, will ask for a Daedra heart, along with one troll fat.


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Restore Health Damage Stamina Regen Damage Magicka Fear


† multiple effects, may be affected by the perk Purity.


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