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Daedric Gauntlets are a type of Daedric Armor available in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

Magical VariantsEdit

These versions are only found as random loot and may appear starting at level 22.

Name ID GoldIcon Enchantment
Cursed Magebane GauntletsSI 00045E18 10950 Spell Absorption 25 pts on Self
Drain Magicka 10 pts on Self
Gauntlets of Brutality 0002C217 2350 Fortify Strength 10 pts on Self
Gauntlets of Punishment 0002C221 2350 Fortify Hand-to Hand 10 pts on Self
Inquisitor's Gauntlets 0002C214 2925 Detect Life 105 Feet on Self
Moonshadow Gauntlets 0002C224 1050 Light 50 Feet on Self
Nordslayer Gauntlets 0002C233 2850 Resist Frost 30% on Self
Warforger's Gauntlets 0002C21D 2350 Fortify Armorer 10 pts on Self



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