The Daedric War is a storyline spanning several zones and questlines in The Elder Scrolls Online that takes place after the events of the main quest with the defeat of Molag Bal. It involves the Daedric Princes Nocturnal, Mephala, and Clavicus Vile attempting to remake the mortal plane in their image. As they were not part to the Coldharbour Compact, they are free to meddle in worldly affairs. The set their sights first on Vvardenfell, and attempt to steal the power of a living god. Next, Nocturnal seeks out the Skeleton Key in Sotha Sil's Clockwork City, in an attempt to unlock the city and give her power over the wider world. Finally, the triad attacks Summerset, with hopes of using the Heart of Transparent Law to gain control of the Crystal Tower and remake reality according to their whims.[1][2][3]

In order to stop Nocturnal, it takes no less than four Daedric Princes, two living gods, the Psijic Order, the Sapiarchs, wyresses, the Soulless One, and their followers. Sotha Sil manages to convince Mephala and Clavicus Vile to cease interfering in Nirn, at least directly.[4]


In chronological order:

The Elder Scrolls Online: Dark Brotherhood
Veya Releth storyline: O:M
Morrowind main storyline:

Clockwork City main storyline:

Summerset main storyline:




  • Abyssal Cabal
  • Chancellor Gascone (depending on quest choice)
  • Chodala
  • Darien Gautier (disappeared)
  • Iachesis
  • Leythen
  • Proctor Luciana (depending on quest choice)
  • Tundilwen
Daedric War
Soulburst, Planemeld, and Army of Meridia Online storyline Season of the Dragon



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