Daedroths are large reptilian Daedra that commonly serve the Daedric Prince Molag Bal.[1]

By gameEdit


Daedroths are large Daedric reptiles, that have mighty jaws and sharp teeth, and have deadly claws that they use to kill their enemies.[2][3]

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Daedroths, in battle, are able to breathe flames from their mouths[4] and use their deadly teeth and claws to take down their foes. They also have been known to use poison and shield magic during combat.[5]


There are two known variants of Daedroths, the first being the larger and the more feral of the two, and the second being the one able to walk upright, wield weapons, and use some destruction magic.[6]


The Daedroths' main habitat is its home plane of Coldharbour, although they can be seen across Tamriel and other Daedric realms.[7]



  • Note that daedroth is also the singular form of the word daedra, but is rarely used in that sense. The singular daedroth almost always refers to the creature described here and is used as both singular and plural (though the plural daedroths is also seen on occasion).


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