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|image = Dagail.png
|image = Dagail.png
|race =[[Bosmer (Oblivion)|Bosmer]]
|race =[[Bosmer (Oblivion)|Bosmer]]

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"Greetings, child. The Mages Guild has a future for you, I believe. I have seen it. You should consider joining."

Dagail is the head mage in the Leyawiin Mages Guild. She is a Bosmer and the Master Mysticism trainer. She provides the Leyawiin Recommendation which is necessary for the Hero's entrance into the Arcane University.


Agata, an Evoker of the Mages Guild, takes care of Dagail in her old age. Kalthar, another mage of the guild, is skeptical of Dagail's ability to lead, due to her reliance upon a "magical trinket" for mental stability. Alves Uvenim and S’drassa worry about Dagail's condition.

Some believe Dagail obtained such a high rank in the guild because of her father. Her father, also a member of the guild before his death, died in the fort ruins of Fort Blueblood and was entombed there.

Her brother, Eronor, lives at Weynon Priory. Eronor is a Dunmer, making he and Dagail different races.


Leyawiin Recommendation

Without her Seer Stone, Dagail cannot tame her psychic visions.

Dagail, a seer, controls the influx of psychic visions through the use of her Seer's Stone, a magical amulet. Upon speaking to Kalthar, the Hero learns that Dagail's father had a similar amulet. Upon further inquiry, Dagail reveals that the second amulet is at Fort Blueblood. Recovering the amulet results in Dagail writing a recommendation for the Hero. She also prophesies that they will play an important role in the fate of Cyrodiil.

Mysticism training

A reference from a journeyman or expert trainer of Mysticism must be gained before she will give master training. Three Oblivion Gates must also be closed. If three have not been closed, she sends the Hero to close more.


  • Several bottles of Cheap Wine are sitting behind her bed.



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