"The ceremonial dagger of General Symmachus? How did you come to possess this? What a local treasure!"
―Torasa Aram, curator of the Museum of Artifacts[src]

Dagger of Symmachus is a unique glass dagger found in The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal.


The Dagger of Symmachus belonged to King Symmachus, who was killed during a rebellion in 3E 391. It has since been passed down to his son, Helseth.


Enchantment ID: dagger_symmachus_en

All effects are ten points constant on self:


Helseth's Champion TREdit

In order to prove the Nerevarine's skill in combat, King Helseth requests a duel with his personal bodyguard, Karrod. Upon Karrod's surrender, Helseth rewards the Nerevarine with this dagger.

The Museum TREdit

The Dagger of Symmachus can be donated or sold to the Museum of Artifacts in Godsreach. If selling, the curator of the museum, Torasa Aram, offers them 10'000GoldIcon.


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