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Dagoth Girer is an Ash Ghoul and priest of House Dagoth during the Third Era. During the Vvardenfell Crisis, he was stationed at the Sixth House principal base of Kogoruhn. When the Nerevarine attacked the stronghold, he was forced to contend with Dagoth Girer in the Dome of Pollock's Eve, at which point Girer was most likely slain.


Dome of Pollock's Eve, Kogoruhn



Girer knows the following spells:


And benefits from:


Girer can potentially infect the player with:


Greeting "What? What use is speech? If you will not submit, you must be destroyed."

Greeting "For our fallen brother, we claim our revenge."
fallen brother "The soul of Dagoth Gares is among us. You have broken his body, but his spirit is with us in our waking dreams."
will not submit "You have chosen war with Dagoth Ur. We grieve for your loss, but we will not spare you. You refused the sweetness of Lord Dagoth's friendship. Now know the bitterness of his fury."
Dagoth Ur "He will not come to you, Lord Nerevar. It is you who must beg forgiveness. Go to him, beneath Red Mountain, kneel before him, and he will show you mercy."


  • If sufficiently calmed, Girer offers the following services:
    • A merchant service, though with no GoldIcon
    • A repair service, at base cost.


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