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Dagoth Ur is a Dwemer Ruin found in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. It is located at the center of Red Mountain region, containing the Akulakhan and Heart of Lorkhan, and serves as an important location for the end of the main questline.


Akulakhan's Chambers (Numidium) 2 - Morrowind


It is the headquarters of the Sixth House, and is named after its leader, Dagoth Ur. It is located around the mouth of the Red Mountain volcano, in Vvardenfell, north of the Ghostgate. It is the destination of the last quest the Nerevarine must undertake during the main questline. The second Numidium and the Heart of Lorkhan can be found here, in the deepest area. The whole citadel is divided into six sublocations.

The entrance is blocked by a round stone shield, which only opens once the crank on a pipe, just south of the doorway, is activated.


Outer FacilityEdit

This section is the citadel's entrance, it leads to the Inner Facility. There are only five enemies, which are three ash creatures and two ash ghouls, named Dagoth Ienas and Dagoth Vaner. There is a small amount of loot in this area, namely potions, ingredients, and the dead body of an adventurer, which has random loot.

Inner FacilityEdit

From here the Inner Tower and the Lower Facility can be reached, it is a long intertwining corridor with two rooms. There is valuable loot in the area. Dagoth Drals and Dagoth Rather can be found here, along with a greater bonewalker.

Inner TowerEdit

A small domed room, where Dagoth Irvyn is located. During a Tribunal Temple quest, "Crosier of St. Llothis the Pious," the body of Voruse Bethrimo, who has the Crosier of St. Llothis, can be found here.

Lower FacilityEdit

This area leads to the Facility Cavern, it is three small rooms, one after the other. Dagoth Muthes and Dagoth Gilvoth the ash vampire, who possesses the Blood Ring, can be found here.

Facility CavernEdit

Dagoth Ur, Facility Cavern - Morrowind

Dagoth Ur in the Facility Cavern

It is a large cavern, where the first encounter with Dagoth Ur happens during the main quest. Hidden behind a boulder that only opens once Dagoth Ur is defeated, the Heart Ring can be found on the floor, lying next to the entrance of the next area, Akulakhan's Chamber.

Akulakhan's ChamberEdit

This is a very large cavern on several levels, accessible by ledges that go around the area. Its lowest section is entirely flooded by lava. In the center of the cavern stands a giant unfinished humanoid golem, called Akulakhan, or the second Numidium,[source?] and attached to its empty stomach, the Heart of Lorkhan can be seen. This is where the Nerevarine encounters Dagoth Ur for the second time.


The Citadels of the Sixth HouseEdit

Travel to the facility on confront Dagoth Ur himself. Enter the heart chamber with Keening, Sunder, and Wraithguard, and strike the Heart of Lorkhan. This will destroy the Akulakhan, and end the threat of House Dagoth, therefore lifting the Blight from Morrowind.

Crosier of St. Llothis the PiousEdit

Retrieve the Crosier of St. Llothis beside Voruse Bethrimo's corpse at the Inner Tower.

Notable itemsEdit



Dagoth Gilvoth - Morrowind

Dagoth Gilvoth



  • The blocked entrance mirrors that of Arkngthand, the very first Dwemer ruin encountered as part of the main quest.


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