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Dahrk Mezalf is a House Telvanni quest available to the Nerevarine in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.



Once the Nerevarine has obtained three Dwemer Books for Baladas Demnevanni in Gnisis, he will give them another task. This task is to obtain the Ring of Dahrk Mezalf from a former Dwemer site named Bthungthumz, which is northwest of Maar Gan.

The Restless SpiritEdit

Inside the ruin, the Nerevarine will encounter a number of Dwemer creations, predominantly Centurions. In the final area, the Nerevarine will find the spirit of Dahrk Mezalf, guarding his remains. Once defeated, the Nerevarine must take his ring from his corpse and take it to Demnevanni. Demnevanni will reward the Nerevarine with a Ring of Lightning Storm as well as enlist the Dwemer Shock Centurion (encountered in the ruins) to guard the Nerevarine from this point forward.


Dahrk Mezalf – HT_DahrkMezalf
IDJournal Entry
10Baladas Demnevanni asked me to bring him one of Dahrk Mezalf's summoning rings. Dahrk Mezalf was one of Kagrenac's smiths, sometimes called Mezalf Bthungthumz, and he may have lived in the colony of Bthungthumz which is somewhere between Maar Gan and the coast to the north.
  • Quest accepted
100Baladas Demnevanni thanked me for bringing him Dahrk Mezalf's ring.
  • Quest completed


  • Mezalf's Spirit's soul is one of the few that is large enough to be used to create constant effect enchantments.
  • The Dwemer Shock Centurion will remain with the Nerevarine until it is destroyed.
    • It may have been destroyed by the Nerevarine during the quest, meaning they won't be rewarded with it.

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