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Damage refers to harming an opponent, either physically or magically.

Physical damage[edit | edit source]

Physical damage DamageIcon.png amount of damage that a character does with his weapon is affected by several things:

  • Character's attributes and skills
  • Maximum weapon damage
  • Weapon durability
  • Opponent's armor rating
  • Whether the opponent is using a shield and blocking with it
  • Opponent's attributes and skills

The exact calculations to attain the damage done are as follows. (The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion)

Weapon Rating = Base Weapon Damage * 0.5 * (0.75 + Attribute * 0.005) * (0.2 + Modified Skill * 0.015) * ((Weapon Health/Max Weapon Health + 1)/2)

Damage= (Weapon Rating + Arrow Rating) * (Fatigue/Max Fatigue + 1)/2 * Sneak Multiplier * Power Attack Multiplier * Opponent Armor Rating * Opponent Weapon Resistance

Physical damage is unable to harm spiritual creatures, such as ghosts or wraiths. Normal, non-enchanted weapon cannot harm them, with the exception of silver weapons and daedric weapons. Enchanted weapons, however, will continue to do damage to these creatures, even when they are fully discharged.

Magical damage[edit | edit source]

Magical damage refers to elemental attack spells, mainly those from the Destruction line. They are used to directly damage an enemy. Certain races and creatures are naturally resistant to specific elemental damage, so some spells may have little or no effect on these opponents.

The three types of magical damage spells are:

Damaging attributes or skills[edit | edit source]

Main article: Damage (Spell)

Certain spells or enchanted items use magical energy to lower the value of a target's attributes, skills, health, magicka, or fatigue. Damaged attributes and skills can only be restored with a Restore effect spell or potion or by praying at an Altar of the Nine. The magnitude is the units lost each second of duration. This also applies to Damage effects, as in the effects of some ingredients.

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