For other uses, see Damage Magicka.

Damage Magicka is a non-elemental alchemical effect and an enchantment that decreases the target's Magicka.

Damage Magicka is not affected by Resist Fire/Frost/Shock.

Damage Magicka is (like all magic) affected by Resist Magic, Weakness to Magic, and Spell Absorption.

Resistances and Weaknesses to MagickaEdit

Alchemical Ingredients (Skyrim)Edit

Damage Magicka is an attribute of the following alchemical ingredients:

Ingredient Effect Position
Butterfly Wing 4
Chaurus Eggs 3
Daedra Heart 3
Eye of Sabre Cat 3
Glow Dust 1
Hagraven Feathers 1
Hanging Moss 1
Human Heart 2
Jarrin Root 2
Luna Moth Wing 1
Namira's Rot 1
Nordic Barnacle 1
Trama Root DR 3


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