"I'm the warehouse watchman, Damien Magius"
―Damien Magius[src]

Damian Magius quote

Damian Magius is a Breton commoner who works as a warehouse watchman for the Imperial Trading Company in the Imperial City Waterfront District.

He doesn't like to say much, but is very talkative about the Imperial City itself. He wields a leveled mace and wears a Russet Felt Outfit with Pigskin Shoes, and sometimes goes to The Bloated Float for a two-hour lunch.


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  •  PS3   Killing him may lead to being kicked out of the Thieves Guild, despite him not being a member.
  •  PC   Sometimes the steel mace Damian bears can not be removed from his inventory, thus can be pickpocketed from him an unlimited number of times.


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