Damphall Mine is a mine on the island of Solstheim.


Damphall Mine is a possible location for the following quests:


  • One Reaver outside near the entrance.
  • Two Reavers inside, near the entrance.
  • Two more Reavers past the first pool, at the alchemy lab.
  • Two more Reavers on a stone bridge further in.
  • One Reaver guarding a metal gate (just past the wood chopping block).
  • Two more Reavers in the large cavern with the anvil and smelter, and three more on the wooden and stone walkways immediately past.
  • Another Reaver immediately before the pull chain, with another two and a Reaver Lord in the final room.

Notable itemsEdit

  • A Reaver Lord holds the Treasure Room Key, which unlocks the nearby master locked door to the treasure room (containing leveled loot).
  • Possible location for Meridia's Beacon
  • Possible location for the Moon Amulet



  • Contains few actual mining prospects, including silver.


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