Dandsa is a Redguard warrior who was captured by raiders. She is being held captive in the cave of Abernanit near Gnaar Mok. The Nerevarine may be sent to rescue her by the Imperial Legion.


Rescue DandsaEdit

Radd Hard-Heart of the Imperial Legion will send the Nerevarine to travel to Abernanit to free Dandsa from raiders.

During this quest, Dandsa will become a follower.


Rescue DandsaEdit

"Are you here to rescue me? Do you want to travel together back to the cave entrance?"

travel together "Do you want me to follow you back outside this cave?"
Follow me. "Get me outside this cave, Nerevarine (Player name)."
Wait here. "Okay. I'll stay right here until you come and get me."

(If approached again)
"Shall we travel together?"
(After leaving the cavern)
"You got me this far. I can swim the rest of the way to Gnaar Mok once I've rested a bit. From there I'm taking the first ship back to Hammerfell. I wish I could thank you for rescuing me, but the bandits took everything I had."

travel together "I can find my own way to Gnaar Mok. It's not a long swim once I've had a chance to rest a bit."


  • After "Rescue Dandsa" is completed, Dandsa will never be seen again.
  • She can be found inside the cave prior to the quest. If spoken to, she will have the dialogue option travel together, which will automatically begin the quest.


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