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Dar-Ma is an Argonian sharpshooter and the only daughter of Seed-Neeus. She often helps her mother at Northern Goods and Trade in Chorrol. When traveling she makes use of a Paint Horse named Blossom. She also wrote Dar-Ma's Diary.


A Shadow over HackdirtEdit

In the quest, Dar-Ma is kidnapped while trading and almost used as a sacrifice to the Deep Ones. Once the Hero completes the quest, Dar-Ma's disposition to them will be 100. Dar-Ma keeps a diary which she loses at Moslin's Inn after being kidnapped, in which Dar-Ma refers to her self as "Dar."


"Hello. I don't think we've met. Are you new in town?"

None of your business. "Oh, well, I'm sorry for bothering you. My mother often says I'm too forward with strangers."
Yes, I am. Pleased to meet you. "Likewise! I'm always glad to meet someone new. Welcome! I’m sure my mother would be glad to meet you as well."
Mother "My mother owns Northern Goods and Trade in Chorrol."
A Shadow over Hackdirt

"Please, let me out of here! You must help me escape. I think these creatures plan to do something horrible to me tonight!"

I'll let you out. "Thank you! Hurry, we need to get out of here, quick!"
Not yet. "What are you doing? You can't leave me here to die!"
Hackdirt "These creatures kidnapped me from my room in the inn while I was sleeping. I don't know why ... but I'd rather not find out!"

"Please hurry back. You're my only hope!"

After freeing Dar-Ma:

"Thank you! Let's get out of here!"

If approached again:

"What should I do?"

Wait here until I come back. "Fine, but don't be gone too long."
Follow me. "Sounds good. I'm right behind you."

After leaving Hackdirt:

"Thank you for rescuing me! My mother will be so pleased when we arrive back in Chorrol safe and sound. Let's go!"

Back in Northern Goods and Trade:

"My hero!"

Mother "My mother owns this shop. She would be glad of your business."


  • "Dar," the term by which Dar-Ma indicates herself as in her diary, is also a Khajiit naming prefix meaning "Thief," or "Clever."


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